Megabe Haddis Kesis Yilma Chernet Mesekere (Head Priest)
Melake Aryam Qomos Aba Zekarias Bogale
Deacon Merawi Berhe
Deacon Bekele
Deacon Abrham
Deacon Andnet
Deacon Eyosyas
Deacon Abel
Deacon Mintesnot

Choir Group Leaders
Wro. Fantu

Parish Council Members

Megabe Haddis Kesis Yilma Chernet Mesekere (Chair)
Ato Tesfaye Tadesse
Ato Hailemelekot Betre
Ato Moges Belete
Ato Zeryihun Sime
Ato Tarik Tessema
Ato Woubshet Tedla
Wrt.Wangail Assamenew

Our Mission
Educate and provide spiritual services to the Ethiopian community in the Diaspora.
Educate and guide the next generation of Ethiopians and other nationalities on the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo faith, including the history, language, and culture of Ethiopia. We believe it is our duty to be able to educate the youth so that they will become the next generation of clergy and leaders of the church.
Preserve and uphold the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church's faith, doctrine, tradition and practice.
Build and maintain Sunday school to ensure that the youth preserve their faith, language, and culture.
Administer and conduct our church according to Holy Scriptures and Canonical Laws.
Assist members of our community and conserve historical churches, monasteries and educational institutions in Ethiopia by contributing at least 10% of the Church's income.
Establish and under take various humanitarian efforts.
Contribute and make initiatives to create alliance with other communities which belong to the Oriental Orthodox churches here in the United States
History of our church

Debre Bisrate St. Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church was established in January 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded with the blessing of the late Archbishop of the Western Hemisphere and the Caribbean, Abune Yeshaq and, in accordance with State and Federal Laws to meet the spiritual needs of the community in the area.  

Our faith and Doctrine are the same as the ecclesiastical Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Ethiopia.  Debre Bisrat St. Gabriel Church, is governed and administered by its Parish, and a Parish Council formed from members of its clergy and congregation.